Crohn’s Pride…

Whenever I catch the Humira commercial on TV , I feel like cheering on to the fact that Crohn’s disease is being talked about. Just like when your football team scores that touchdown, or when your hometown is featured on the Today Show, there’s a sense of pride that comes out when I hear the announcer speak of my disease. Deep down inside, it feels like a parade marching down my heart with balloons and silly strings, while I feel appreciate and represented. Even though the commercial makes us “Crohnies look like we are on constant bathroom alert, it feels nice to be out there.

Check out the commercial here:

I usually get the same feeling when I get caught watching a medical drama, and somehow Crohn’s is featured on that episode. I personally have encountered it on House, Private Practice, ER, and Grey’s Anatomy. Once again, whenever such phenomenon occurs, I let my freak flag out, overjoyed for our representation out there. The media can be a great tool for getting our stories out there.

It’s always a comforting feeling knowing that someone who has the same condition and experiences some of the same symptoms has made something out of their lives. Surprisingly, there are lots of public figures who have been “coming out” with their Crohn’s issues. You can check out the list of notable figures that have been diagnosed with Crohn’s (’s_disease). You might actually be surprised with some of them, such as Louis XIII.

The thing is: Although this condition has been on the rise of fame lately, there are a lot of people out there who do not know about it. Whenever I mention the fact that I have it, someone always says that they have a friend with it, but are not too familiar with the disease. Most people hold on to the misconception that with our condition, we are incapable of leaving the house because we have insatiable diarrhea, so we must have our butts sewn to a toilet seat. I believe that the more we spread our experiences with Crohn’s, the more it creates awareness. And that’s all we want – for people to know what we go through!


2 responses to “Crohn’s Pride…

  • Lizi

    This made me smile, I do the same! Any mention of Crohns gives me cause for a swell of pride and little inner celebration.

    • vinniecabido

      I also get really excited when I meet someone else that has Crohn’s. It’s not that I am happy that they have it too, but it gives me sense of cohesion and togetherness, knowing that we are on the same boat.

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